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Mulch Supply

We supply hardwood organic mulch to companies and residents in the Northern Nevada.

Stay Green Tree Service offers an organic mulch product. See our grinding page for a demo of the reduction process. 

Our Mulch Philosophy: To produce an excellent supply of holistic, organic, and nutrient rich mulch of a specific variety, that consistently maintains our quality standards. The overall quality of the finished product is our commitment. Our top quality product is achieved through modern cutting edge machinery, product sources, and processing. Since we only produce a minimal variety of mulch, we effectively optimize and master a niche solution.

Who we supply our Mulch to: Our customers are primarily commercial retail landscapers, and a small percentage of residential clients. The majority of our marketing consists of reputation and word of mouth. Please visit Northern Nevada Mulch Supplier for retail sales, delivery, and installation.

Mulch Industry: The Mulch industry is a "green" industry, commercial and residential. Trees that are located in urban areas are prone to hot pavement, irrigation techniques, and compacted soil. Holistic, organic, and nutrient rich mulch is a necessity in the urban tree environment to accommodate for lack of eco-friendly forestry and environmental conditions. Mulch provides urban trees with what they need to survive; such as organic matter, minerals, soil consistency, and water management. A top quality mulch product will continue to be used in the long term for these reasons. As our environment continues to urbanize, the more "green" companies are becoming. The Mulch industry contributes to an eco-friendly and environmentally conscience society.

Our Strength: We have a competitive advantage among other mulch suppliers. We do all the industry standard mulch reduction techniques such as double shredding, however we take the process a step further. There are three main core competencies that set our company apart. These are: (1) We only offer a limited variety of mulch so we can focus on the quality and consistency of our product. (2) We only use our own product for reduction so all of our mulch is 100% organic material. (3) We only provide nutrient rich mulch.

In the coming months, we are going to be offering bagged mulch.

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