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Tree Care

What is Tree Care Anyway?

There is not a single definition of tree care. Tree Care involves many aspects of the care and maintenance of a tree. The most important aspect of tree care is the ability for an arborist to observe, analyze, and assess a trees overall health. Once an appropriate assessment has been made of a tree, a proper action is performed. This action can range from no maintenance at all, to complete pruning or removal of a tree.

Tree Care Procedures

Tree Pruning

There are many types of tree pruning. The most common method for pruning a tree involves pruning the deadwood. This is a healthy and natural way of maintenance. Many times, pruning the deadwood out of a tree is the natural and recommended maintenance plan. It is appropriate to prune deadwood in a tree so the tree can avoid any diseased or open wounds that a dead limb can possess.

Methods of pruning trees are as follows:

  • Crown Cleaning - Involves cleaning out the deadwood from the crown of a tree.
  • Crown Reduction - Process of reducing the overall size of a canopy. This is not to be confused with topping, as topping is not a recommended form of tree care
  • Elevating - Is when the bottom most limbs of a tree are removed to allow for passage underway, or other purposes.
  • Thinning - Cutting out interior limbs so sunlight can better pass through a tree. Also, allows for better wind and airflow throughout the tree to lesson the stress on a trees roots during a heavy wind storm.
  • Shaping - Mostly done on smaller trees and shrubs. Many times shaping involves using sheers to form a circular pattern, on a tree or shrubs canopy.
  • Clearing limbs from a structure - If a trees limbs are interfering with the roof of a house, or are growing into a street or street sign, many times these limbs need to be cut back to clear a structure by a certain footage. Keep in mind that if cutting live limbs from a tree, you should never cut more than 25% of a trees live crown ratio.

Tree Care Maintenance Plans

Many customers who have an abundance of trees on their land need assessment and advice on tree care maintenance plans. Stay Green Tree Service has 3 staffed certified arborists who can provide natural, detailed, and usefull tree maintenance plans. For many tree species, depending on a trees age and size, it is good common maintenance to prune at least once every couple years.


Many tree and landscape contractors will recommend spraying trees for insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides. Stay Green Tree Service does not do any spraying of the like. Stay Green Tree Service believes in 100% organic tree care. There are occassions when a tree might need to be sprayed or have a systemic injection. Usually when spraying or injection is appropriate is when a common issue is observed such as dutch elm disease. Horticulture oils and soaps are a good alternative and usually provide great help to a tree in need. Keep in mind, that a good tree philosophy is that a tree can normally and usually does take care of itself and its wise to let nature run its course!

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